• 89,40 kr 149,00 kr -40%

    89,40 kr 149,00 kr -40%
    Reduced price!
  • 64,50 kr 129,00 kr -50%

    These sensual lace stretch panties offer a feeling of luxury and femininity. Together with the lace nursing bra, this beautiful and practical underwear set gives you the confidence and self esteem you deserve both in pregnancy and the early months after birth.

    64,50 kr 129,00 kr -50%
    Reduced price!
  • 59,40 kr 99,00 kr -40%

    This seamless day or night time bra can be worn during pregnancy and post birth as a nursing bra; simply lift or pull down the cup and nurse. Natural, super-soft organic cotton is ideal for mom's sensitive breasts & considering that baby's skin is 5 times thinner than moms; ideal for baby too!

    59,40 kr 99,00 kr -40%
    Reduced price!
  • 89,40 kr 149,00 kr -40%

    The Carriwell Maternity Flexi-Belt turns everyday pants and skirts into maternity wear. This innovative product helps moms-to-be have a preggy wardrobe based on their firm favourites, and in so doing save a small fortune on maternity wear.

    89,40 kr 149,00 kr -40%
    Reduced price!
  • 19,50 kr 39,00 kr -50%
  • 53,40 kr 89,00 kr -40%

    Comfort is the first word that springs to mind when describing this cotton light support bra. This versatile bra can be worn during pregnancy as an everyday bra and or sleeping bra and post birth as a nursing bra; simply lift the bra cup and feed.

    53,40 kr 89,00 kr -40%
    Reduced price!
  • 299,00 kr

    Swimming is a wonderful way for pregnant women to exercise as there is no stress or strain placed on your body and joints while you are exercising. Carriwell has designed an adjustable, super comfy maternity swimsuit...

    299,00 kr

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